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11 August 2006 @ 01:24 pm
kickass show this Friday @ the Glass

Blind Corn Liquor Pickers w/ Buckstone
Empty Glass
Charleston, WV
Friday August 11th

Blind Corn Liquor Pickers - Bluegrassabilly Rock type shit from KY. These guys put on a great show and I dig 'em, and also the kickass moonshine they bring with 'em is worth goin' to the show by itself.

Buckstone - Real traditional oldschool country. Sounds like Buck Owens with a bit of Dwight Yoakum and Hank Thompson mixed in. Their originals are as good as their covers, which is a rare find these days. My wife plays bass and the guitar player is fuckin' killer, so get yer ass out to the show, get drunk, and support good local musicians who play something different than the usual crap you hear every night.
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22 July 2006 @ 01:02 pm
Hosted By: The Empty Glass
When: Saturday Jul 22, 2006
at 10:00 PM
Where: The Empty Glass
410 Elizabeth St
Charleston , WV 25311
The Empty Glass

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Don't Miss this on August 3rd at the Empty Glass
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The Brothers Grim Sideshow
There will be an old time Circus sideshow at the Empty Glass Thursday August 3rd. The Current Roster Boasts some of the old Jim Rose acts such as The Enigma and Katzen, The Lizard man, Zamora The Touture King and more.

They are Currently on tour with Ozzfest and are selling out almost all venues. Cover will be only $10 on This night.
Tickets usually range from $19.50-$95.00 for this show.
Once again the Empty Glass has brought you a big name Low Dough show!
14 July 2006 @ 12:54 pm

I'm moving to the Charleston area in one month (eep!) from Madison, WI, and have run across references to The Empty Glass on several websites. It looks like a fabulous venue for live music, which I am likely to haunt, and I have a question: do you ever have djs? or are open to having djs?

I'm a dj with a wide variety of musical interests, including indie, ambient, new wave, 80s, techno, electro, etc.
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12 July 2006 @ 11:17 pm
During the Brain Surgeons show
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Pistol Whippers w/ Sasquatch & the Sickabillies Tonight
Chemical Dependance Day Extravaganza
Tuesday July 4th
Pistol Whippers w/ Sasquatch & the Sickabillies (RI)
@ the Empty Glass
Charleston, WV

Come out and put the lid on this years Independance day with us. This will be our first show in Charleston since December. Get there early, since we haven't decided if we are opening or closing the show. This is guaranteed to be a hell of a rockin' time. Don't be a pussy and celebrate the 4th by getting wasted and rocked tha hellout with the Whippers and the Sickabillies. We are plannin' on makin' this the best 4th of July ever, so forget about work and get yer ass on out and get yer pull with Charleston's best good-time rock n' roll 100% high-octane hillbilly punk party band. Both bands just got back from playin' tha hell outta the Heavy Rebel Weekender and are revved-up and ready to burn some rubber on stage in an ass-kicking frenzy of high-power guitar mania. And if you are in town, and don't come out and show your support, we will all come to your homes drunk at 4am in tha mornin' to give ya a good talking to and deficate on your lawns.

See ya at the show and remember that we love ya,
The Pistol Whippers
11 March 2006 @ 01:42 pm
Sign The Pistol Whippers Petition
Body: http://www.petitiononline.com/Whippers/petition.html

10 March 2006 @ 09:35 pm
Hosted By: The Empty Glass
When: Saturday Mar 11, 2006
at 10:00 PM
Where: The Empty Glass
410 elizabeth st
Charleston, WV 25311
The Empty Glass

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02 February 2006 @ 12:23 am
1.Thursday: Ampline ~ Ampline doesn't have a vocalist, and they don't need one. They play thoughtful, mesmerizing indie rock that weaves interesting fibers together into a vibrant, enveloping blanket of sound.

2.Friday: Jesse Payne and Amy Loftus ~ Jesse Payne's music is a natural blend of punk and folk music underneath storylines of love, loss, and regret. Amy Loftus is an artist. She has been a painter, a professional actress and dancer, and has been singing and writing since she hopped onstage with a local band. Her voice has been called “nothing short of spiritual.”

3.Saturday: Threefold Theory with Concrete Theory ~ Threefold Theory is a rock band without borders. With far too many influences to cite, Threefold Theory can run the gamut of musical genres at the drop of a hat. Calling themselves North Carolina RockCore, Concrete Theory is a 5-piece modern rock band based out of Lexington, North Carolina.

4.Sunday: Super Bowl Sunday! Followed by a Post-Mountain Stage Jam with The Carpenter Ants: Today's MS Live Taping features John Jorgenson Quintet, Joy Lynn White, Martha Wainwright, Chocolate Genius, Kevin Gordon, and the Winterpills! Come join your hosts The Carpenter Ants to see who joins up to jam!
17 January 2006 @ 12:21 am
1.19.06 Jacob Freely
1.20.06 Skyla Burrell Blues Band
1.21.06 Noizbox